Monday, 2 November 2009

Harriet is wrong

According to Harriet Harman MPs should not be forced to sack relatives. Although we haven't heard it yet, there is an expectation that Sir Christopher Kelly's advice will be that MPs don't employ relatives. Joe Public thinks that all MPs are in it for their own good. They are all the same.

It is no use saying that I have not claimed any expenses or that I have paid out a lot of money to take part in politics. It is no use saying that money for my political activity is nothing to do with money from the unions or from big business. It may be that relatives of MPs are doing good jobs for the constituents but it is really hard for Joe Public to differentiate between the best person for the job and nepotism. And that's why Harriet is wrong

I am sorry for all the good workers who may have to lose their jobs but I am more sorry for the standing of our politics and politicians. If we are to rebuild faith in the system then sacrificies have to be made.We may get rid of nepotism too.

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