Sunday, 15 November 2009

Politicians have a bad name anyway

Yesterday the BNP voted to change its constitution to allow non-whites to join. The choice was change or become illegal so I wonder how the debate went. "Let's vote - all those in favour of letting non-whites into the party. All those who want to become illegal". It's a bit like asking turkeys whether they want to vote for Christmas.

In practice this means no difference. Nick Griffin talked about the duress involved in the change. Of course attitudes haven't changed and I am not sure how this change will actually change anything apart from giving the BNP more publicity. Nick Griffin went on to say that if non-whites did join the party then they would be welcomed. Does this make any sense to you? They don't want non-white members and they change the constitution under duress. Are they seriously trying to say that they now welcome the opportunities that are brought about by the change?

Politicians have a bad enough name anyway and it isn't helped by the BNP talking nonsense.

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  1. I really can not imagine the scenario where a non-white would wish to become a member of the BNP. After all...non -whites..usually Indian Asians who are confident enough to join any political party will also be aware of prejudice..and steer clear. I have not met an Indian Asian who is not aware of local "feeling", etc I can not imagine who this "rehash" will appeal to...most non- UK residents I know just want to be left alone to carry on with what they are doing....and that is usually becoming an integral part of the community! Perhaps the BNP should take a long deep look at itself?