Tuesday, 17 November 2009

The costs of immigration

I tried to post a comment on Sunday 16th November to a blog by Charlotte in Blackburn whose blog name is CharlotteinBlackburn. She was telling us that it cost £13 billion per year to support immigration and the main parties don't want to tell us this. So I checked the internet because the figure didn't make much sense to me and I wanted a better explanation of the costs. I couldn't find a simple answer. I tried to comment on her blog but it wouldn't let me so here is my comment.

I have been looking for the costs of immigration and the internet isn't keen on letting us know either. I only looked for 15 minutes but I am still not sure whether immigrants contribute more to public revenues than they receive in benefits. I think you have to be careful with lies, damn lies and statistics, but what I do know is that employers don't choose European workers because it is an easy answer. I also know that I hope if I worked abroad that I would be treated with respect.

Isn't it strange how we in Britain expect that we can do what we want anywhere in the world, but we don't give the same opportunities to anyone else from abroad. We even show resentment when immigrants work here and help us.

I read another of her blogs in which she was talking about living in the land of free speech (November 3rd). Unfortunately I don't think that she will see the irony of not allowing comments on her blog. Lets hope she reads mine.

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  1. I wouldn't expect to live and work abroad without learning some of the language. Most of the immigrants do have some English. However one of the people I know works for a firm that have specifically employed translators to help them deal with stuff. It means that learning English is a much slower process, but it does show the firm values the immigrant workers. They have also provided housing at a reasonable rate/week for them. My daughter works for a company that employs some immigrants as well, and they are in rent free accomodation as long as they stop with the company, but as they find their feet they try to find their own accomodation.
    None of the immigrants I know are on benefits, they are all hardworking.