Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Can Gerry fix it?

I like Gerry Robinson and I watched his programme yesterday about whether he can fix Dementia Care Homes. In 2007 I watched his programmes on the NHS when he worked at Rotherham General Hospital. The difference that he tried to make in the NHS and the difference he is trying to make this time relates to care and attitude.

The staff were not happy in one home because they felt that they were not appreciated. The owner was angry with himself partly because his business was failing and partly because his communication with the staff was not good. He had taken away free food and according to Marx (and Robinson) whenever you get expectations raised and then lowered then you are likely to get revolution, and the staff were revolting.

There was also a breakdown in communication between staff and residents which was noticed when 'care mapping' was carried out. This meant noting what was happening every five minutes without getting involved. The owner recognised that the mapping had highlighted 'appalling' care. The staff could easily have taken this as a personal insult but it looked to me like a management problem to me.

Did Gerry fix it? Well some homes weren't broken but we will have to wait for next week for a full answer.

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