Thursday, 31 December 2009

It's A Wonderful Life

I have watched It's a Wonderful Life again this Chrismas and even though it was made in 1946 it was the best thing I saw in the last couple of weeks. In the film James Stewart runs the Building and Loan Association that gives out loans based on personal knowledge of an individual's character and he saves the bank from ruin. It sounds like we could have done with him when Northern Rock collapsed.

The film did make me think of why I am a Liberal Democrat. If you believe in small government and low taxation then this Conservative view puts you on the side of Lionel Barrymore who played Mr Potter. If you are not sure about his character then it is a good time to watch the film. I did think about Gordon Brown too when Mr Potter offers to guarantee all the deposits in the bank. i think that the Liberal Democrats are represented by James Stewart who shows the power of individuals if they work together.

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