Thursday, 17 December 2009

What is Meg Hillier's punishment?

If we are to have an ID card then it has to be compulsory, otherwise anyone who wants to avoid discovery will just say they don't have a card. So if they are to be compulsory what would the punishment be if you forgot to carry it? Let's say for the sake of argument (because I am against them) that they are important so the fine should be significant. Ideally it would relate to income otherwise it is only a punishment for the poor. Again for the sake of argument, let's call this significant fine a day's wage.

Did you read about Meg Hillier a minister with responsibility for ID cards? It seems that she was promoting the roll-out of the cards in Liverpool. When she looked for her card for the photographers she discovered that she had left it at home. She hasn't broken a law because they aren't compulsory but she has done something much worse. She has advertised the fact that human error will make us all break the law. The ID cards are supposed to be wonderful things and we shouldn't be able to forget them.

How should her boss deal with her? I would think that her error is at least thirty times worse than the average forgetful law-breaker. Will she pay a month's wage to charity? That would be interesting.

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