Friday, 4 December 2009

More misguided conviction

Two blogs today! I have to mention Margaret Beckett who reminded me of my blog on 21st November about misguided conviction. She had the final word on the mansion tax on yesterday's Question Time. She said "as is so often the case, the Liberal Democrat figures just don't add up". This was from the woman who a few sentences earlier thought that there were only 86 houses valued over £2 million when the figure is 86 000. The Liberal Democrats go to great lengths to have their figures audited but Margaret mustn't have paid attention again.

The next question was about the number of troops going to Afghanistan. A member of the audience told us that the French aren't going to send more troops. Margaret Beckett can't comment on this and the gentleman in the audience said it was in that day's paper. I haven't read it but I believe him. Margaret's preparations for the programme just don't add up.

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