Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Employment Selection Process

My children support Blackburn Rovers and when they come over for Christmas I will ask them what they think about the sacking of Mark Hughes by Manchester City. I will watch football on the television but I find it hard to become passionate about a sport that is such a high profile business. I have a lot of sympathy for the fans who decided to follow FC United.

I don't think the fans of any football team will think of themselves primarily as part of a business venture but if they do then they have to consider the ninety minutes on the pitch firstly as entertainment and secondly as a competitiion between two teams . What chance do the poorer teams have against the likes of Chelsea or Manchester United. Alright there are exceptions but generally rich teams win. This takes me back to Mark Hughes. Whether it was fair of not to dismiss him I am sure that success will come the way of Manchester City as long as their manager has the freedom to keep buying the best players.

Apart from the enterprise aspect of football I find it strange that normal employment law doesn't seem to apply to the teams. Maybe Mark had a contract that said he could be dismissed at any time but how did City recruite so easily. Can they avoid selection procedures? I have no wish to apply but how did they advertise the post? Was the advert equally available to women? Was there any discrimination against any groups in their selection process?

I believe that people should have the ability to choose the best person for the job as they see it, however I thought that the employment law in this country would also be applicable to football team.

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