Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Pantomime Time

In this technological age in which you can find out the news from across the world at the click of a button I was reassured yesterday that there are basic pleasures achieved from much simpler forms of communication. I went to see the local pantomime and it was wonderful to see the faces of the children (and adults) when the heroes failed to see the dangerous villain. As it turned out the villain was behind them all the time!

I am sure that Father Christmas was asked for lots of computer games but social activity is alive and well in Morecambe. I am convinced that there is a much greater pleasure achieved by social interaction like going to the theatre than from sitting at a computer. Computers do have their benefits, in fact I am sat at one now, but if I had a choice I would be at the theatre again. Oh yes I would.

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  1. Oh no you wouldn't!
    Ain't it a shame that kids these days don't know how to respond at a pantomime?