Wednesday, 23 December 2009

The source of Gordon's insult

I have written about John Hutton before and I disagreed with most of what he had to say. In fact if there was an award for the MP with whom I disagree the most it would go to Mr Hutton. Yesterday he was in the news as he was the cabinet source who described Gordon Brown as an " distaster" if he ever became prime minister. Well done Eddie Mair for informing us.

I have a dilemma because I would like to strongly disagree with anything John Hutton says, but in this case I find it so hard to do. However the obvious problem with finding out the secret source is that he has only had the courage to 'come out' because he is standing down at the next election. This is not a man of courage. I also find his poor use of language a sign of ignorance. There are times when obscenity may be appropriate. However with this example at best it is crass and at worse offensive.

What a shame he is standing down as even his own party could spend a long time criticising him.

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