Friday, 11 December 2009

Lawyers make the rugby decisions

When I was at school I used to play rugby on Saturday mornings and watch Sale rugby club every other week when they were at home. I mention this because the news yesterday was that Sale are thinking about their response to the news that Wasps are not to blame for the late late cancellation of their match two weeks ago.

It is not good for fans to go to a match and have it cancelled. It is much worse for the away fans but for the players times have changed. The professionals may need to protect themselves more and ask for games to be cancelled if they don't think the ground is fit to play.

The reason why I am writing the blog, and the reason why Sale are giving it some thought before they reply is that the blame for the cancellation is so complicated. Wasps said they wouldn't play but it is the referee's fault because he didn't make it clear that it his decision, so it is his fault.

I find this difficult to understand. Wasps won't play so blame the referee. When I played rugby we obeyed the referee but did blame him whenever we lost. We actually blamed anything we could but now in this professional era it looks like we need lawyers to make any decision.

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