Wednesday, 2 December 2009

The effects of stardom

There is a rumour (possibly vicious) that Simon Cowell is a smoker who smokes in the studio in a place which is not designated for smokers. He is fined for doing so but continues to smoke and pay fines. I don't know if there is any truth in this rumour but there are many examples of fines that are not related to income. How many rich sport stars hire top lawyers when they are in court? Not only is a fine nothing to them in comparison to the average wage earner, but top lawyers mean less convictions.

Tiger Woods is in the news because he has been involved in a car accident near his Florida home. The news also tells us that he is to blame for the crash. Ideally justice would relate to wealth if the penalty is financial. If there is a set fine then it becomes meaningless for the rich and you end up with one law for the rich and one law for the poor.

Simon Cowell, Tiger Woods and any other star should face two penalties. One for the law that they break and one because of the effect that this will have on anyone that looks up to them. When a football star abuses a referee then the Sunday footballer follows suite. When a celebrity drives recklessly then others will follow.

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