Sunday, 13 December 2009

The great moral question of the day

If your job is to clean the floor then you would think it is fairly straightforward and so there would be little pressure. You would be wrong. Pressure comes from within you and if you could have done a little better then you may feel guilt. Nobody works without moments when they are not concentrating. Some people take unauthorised breaks and it doesn't matter what job you are doing, if you know that you could do better then so could your manager.

One question this week on Any Questions was about the great moral question of the day. Is it the way we leave the world for our children? Is it about equal access to education or is it about inequality in general? My answer would relate to how we treat each other. The person who has to clean the floor may have just as much pressure as the top executive, and how we treat each other relates to happiness. The top earners may be able to buy more commodities but as the Beatles sang, they can't buy love. If your attitude is right then everything else will fall into place.

Change the world

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