Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Bad luck or just inefficiency?

Yesterday's blog wasn't quite about the meaning of life but it was about the value of life. For a change I'll write about my green wheelie bin for garden waste. On the 11th of January I wrote about how Lancaster City Council had told me on their website that the green bin would not be collected on the 6th January. I was really pleased that I could find out this information at the click of a button. It just so happens that my green bin has been full since the day after it was last emptied on the 9th December.

Unfortunately the website didn't tell me that the bin would not be collected on its next collection date, the 20th January. I left it outside the house for three days before giving up. Today is the next collection date and my bin is outside the house again. I'll let you know if it gets emptied. Unfortunately the council website has not been updated. It still has a picture of Christmas holly. Is this bad luck or just inefficiency?

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  1. P.S. The bin was emptied this morning.

  2. I live in a short street of victorian terraced houses. So we asked for a green bin for the street. Although we don't have gardens as such, most have pots with flowers in them. It never got emptied until I rang them up to remind them about it, after about the fifth time I just rang them up and told them to take it away.