Monday, 22 February 2010

Public versus private transport

I recently came back from London and wrote about the traffic. I will write about the traffic again now that I am back from Edinburgh. The Royal Mile was a little slow but Morecambe to Lancaster is worse. Partly this is due to Edinburgh's very efficient system of public transport which usually meant that I did not wait at all for a bus and the maximum wait was around seven minutes. It was cheap too at just over half the cost of Lancaster's buses. The first time we caught a bus my wife asked if that was for one or two tickets. The driver said we could pay more if we wanted. A day rider at £3 took us all around the city plus a trip to the Royal Yacht Britannia. Why would anyone want to drive at all?

However there is another side to the public versus private transport coin. I have a very efficient car which I filled with petrol before I set off and then filled again when I got to Edinbugh. It cost me £15.50 for the two of us to get there. How can public transport compete with that? I would like to say that next time I would travel by train but I can't think that I would even look at the cost of the train journey. I am pleased that the cost of travelling in my car is so cheap but I can't help feeling that train journeys should be cheaper.

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  1. I agree, longer journeys are better in your own fuel efficient car. Until the owners of the rail networks see this people will continue to use their cars. That aside, if I want to go to central Preston from Morecambe £8.50 return is comparable to taking my car, finding somewhere to park, etc. And the journey is around 30 minutes if you are lucky enough to get the through train. Bearing in mind it can take at least 15 minutes from Morecambe to the motorway.