Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Neil Warnock's rant

If I had a choice I would watch a rugby match rather than football. Neil Warnock has confirmed my opinion in his latest comments about an assistant referee but don't get me wrong, I enjoy watching both games. Neil has asked for the official to be banned because he made a mistake. It seems that after making the mistake the official did not apologise which prompted the Crystal Palace manager to say "you've got to be taught or trained so that you never lose concentration". Please would you find this course for me because unfortunately I am a member of the human race and I (very) occasionally make mistakes.

The actual mistake was to give Aston Villa a corner when it came off one of their players. Villa scored a goal from the subsequent corner but if you get chance to watch the mistake then you will see none of the players complain. The ball hit players like a ball in a pinball machine.

Compare these comments with those of Stevo in the rugby league match between Warrington and Castleford. One player decided to talk back to the referee so a scrum changed to a penalty. You just don't do this in rugby and if you do it is accepted that the referee is is right because he has the whistle. Stevo said " Since 1895 when the game broke away you (the player) will never have the last word". I think this attitude is directly linked to the much better behaviour of rugby fans over their football counterparts. The next time Neil want to have a rant he should realise that he has a lot of responsibility to the players, the game, the spectators and the referees.

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