Sunday, 21 February 2010

MPs deserve a seat

I have been away for a few days in Edinburgh. This means that you will be seeing some of the photos in the photography blog in the near future and it also means that up to yesterday my political blogs were not current. I hope it wasn't too obvious but I'm now back to writing them the day before they are published. So what has happened while I have been away? I like writing blogs that have obvious answers and Nicholas Winterton provided the inspiration for this one particularly because I took the train to London only a week ago. Alright it is not completely up to date but it is an easy one for me.

Not only did I travel on a Virgin train with a standard ticket but I also went on the Underground and I saw hundreds of people who were able to concentrate on whatever they were doing. Many were reading the paper, some were reading novels. I also saw lots of people who were in a world of their own listening to headphones. I even saw a university lecturer marking her students' work. With a little discipline you can get a lot done even if the environment is not first class.

I know that the work of an MP may be confidential at times but I'll rule out private offices on trains. I know that better facilities help to get work done. I also know that some MPs will get on a train and relax while others will work really hard and the amount of work may have no bearing on the length of the journey. However you can't relax and you can't work unless you have a seat. The only guarantee for this is to have a first class ticket. You may now be thinking of adding a comment along the lines that you can book standard seats. Mine was booked unfortunately the train was cancelled.

There may be some MPs who could give 100% standing on a train packed like sardines but I think if they have managed to get a seat in the House of Commons then they deserve a seat on a train.

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