Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Keep Calm And Carry On

Recently I came across a blog from a BNP supporter who described himself (I think it is a he) as "quite the thinker". I have made a few comments on his blog because this gave him the chance to think and it also gave me the chance to get a deeper insight into the psyche of a BNP supporter. They don't think they are racist. Just think of the way Nick Griffin described the forced move to open membership to everyone regardless of colour of skin as proof that they weren't racist. To me this is proof that they are racist but there must be something in the way they think.

I seem to have a different view to almost everything this particular BNP supporter thinks but I wasn't going to get anywhere by saying this. I tried to limit my comments to one or two points only. Here is an example. I know that the cartoons that were published about the Prophet Mohammed are deeply offensive to Muslims. He reproduced a cartoon in his blog so I pointed out the offence. He replied that it wasn't offensive because he didn't draw it! I came back with an analogy. It is much better to use metaphors because debate can soon become heated. I managed to explain that his actions were offensive and he modified his argument to say that offensive arguments were needed to highlight even greater offensive arguments. I really need to understand this type of logic. In the meantime I will have to get one of those posters "keep calm and carry on".

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  1. I do believe my point was more than valid!

    I'm making the offence notable. Making it clear that it exists - not encouraging it by any means.

    And also, Nick doesn't consider this 'proof' we are not racist - for the manifesto and ideology are both equally anti-racist and prove we had prejudice ideology. (It would only be racist if we differentiated race to the level where we gave each race unfair and unequal opportunity and rights - which we don't). The fact that we will now be allowing ethnic members just helps curb the 'racist' slurs in the media. It can work to our advantage, of course!

    And indeed, I'm male!

  2. Welcome to my blog, sir. Your points are valid. I just disagree with them. I think it was good of you to admit that you were causing offence after initially saying that you weren't. It shows that you have indeed thought about your position. Nick used the word proof.

  3. He used the word proof?

    Well I suppose fair enough - the fact that most of our members think it's a good idea to allow ethnics, is proof in itself.

    But there is better proof.