Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Get your walking shoes on.

Today's blog is not about national or international headlines. It isn't about bullying in number 10. about BA cabin crew staffing levels or even Nick Clegg's guarantee of respite for carers but it is about something that is close to my heart and it is also close to the hearts of many people who live in Morecambe. It is about the traffic. On the 11th February I wrote that it took me 43 minutes to travel 4.2 miles through Lancaster to the motorway. Yesterday I attended a study day at Lancaster University. I took the back roads through Lancaster and the 4.6 miles to the university and it took me 55 minutes.

This was nothing. I spoke to someone who travelled from Heysham. They set off at 7.45am and arrived just in time at 9.30am. One hour forty five minutes to get 5.1 miles! It's time to get our walking shoes on.

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