Monday, 8 February 2010

I know what the public believe

So four politicians are going to face charges relating to their expenses claims. It may be that Liberal Democrats come out of this relatively unscathed, but just like the example in Saturday's blog, it hardly matters to the general public. Tories ignore statistical advice - that's what politicians do. Make mistakes when you move money around after advice from someone that you are not going to name - well it doesn't matter that this is what Labour MP Jim Devine has done. This is what self-regulating politicians do. It doesn't matter that I have never been elected, never mind claimed any expenses, I must be as corrupt as the worst MP.

You know the answers. A system of checks and balances, open government, a fair electoral system... but while we have Tories thinking it is fine to ignore statistical advice and corruption that is alright because a friend of a friend said it was alright then the public will still say that politicians are all as bad as each other. The four are disappointed with the decision to instigate proceedings. In fact they "totally refute any charges". Compare this with one who apologised unreservedly - well there is a reservation - none of his mistakes are illegal. Another is stepping down to avoid any embarrasment. Emabarrasment, stupid mistakes, (un)reserved apologies - I know what the public believe.

Change the world

P.S. I wrote this blog before Nick Clegg said the public would be outraged and urged these MPs who are facing charges not to use Parliamentary privilege to avoid court proceedings.

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