Thursday, 11 February 2010

Cyril Fletcher finishes this blog

I got back from London yesterday evening so I now have experienced their traffic. I have seen Hammersmith during the rush hour and I have also walked through a lot of central London and I can now tell you that Morecambe traffic is - a lot worse! Maybe Hammersmith does not have the worst traffic in London and there are many areas that are worse but when I got back to Lancaster and caught the bus to Morecambe my memories of standing traffic came flooding back.

Link this blog with that of the 30th January when I first compared our traffic with that of London. I received a comment from Damian Hockney who told me "Michael, sadly it is still London that is more congested. The Congestion Charge has not reduced congestion. It lowered, slightly for a while, the number of vehicles entering, but congestion as measured by road speeds is still at a very similar level."

Well maybe parts of London are worse than Morecambe but does anyone want to beat my 43 minutes to get 4.2 miles. I wrote about this journey on the 28th January. I'll finish this blog by borrowing a phrase from the late Cyril Fletcher from his time on That's life. Morecambe has the worst traffic jams in the country, "unless you know different".

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