Friday, 26 February 2010

"I am not young enough to know everything"

I write daily blogs on politics and on photography. I enjoy photography and I also enjoy civil liberties. I am not keen on upsetting people so I use my discretion when photographing them, even when I am being paid to do so at weddings. On Wednesday I thought I was going to combine my interests and ask for greater freedom to take photographs when writing about an Accrington photographer.

I have written previously that I find great motivation to write blogs when I listen to debates and disagree strongly with what has been said. A close second is listening to two people debate who have strongly contrasting opinions. Add to the list people who comment on a blog, remain anonymous, use fairly strong language and then don't reply. There is a possiblity that you have read my blogs before but it is less likely that you have read the comments so here are the comments from Wednesday's blog.

Anonymous said...

What?????? are you insane. You are saying we NEED to show respect to our "Authorities"...
Lest we forget, the police and "authorities work for us. we do NOT have to justify our existance to an organisation that WE created to protect our rights.
As you pointed out, he was NOT obliged to give any information (It says so very clearly on the Home Office website) Unless there had been a complaint recieved. or he had been observed breaking a common law.
The kind of mealy mouthed logic that allows our servants to assume superiority, leads to mealy mouthed pandering to "authority" figures that allows to them undertake 2 illegal wars, a fake derivative crash, and god knows what else to come.
I, for one am sick and tired of taking it any more, I`m am an Englishman, and I still have a pair of balls. Bless our Accrington friend, shame he never stuck to his guns...

Michael Gradwell said...

Two points. Do you see any merit in my blog anonymous? Secondly, why are you anonymous? If you are the same person that has written to me on several occsions then I have already asked you this question. You have asked me questions and I have answered to the best of my ability but you haven't answered mine about your anonymity.

Michael Gradwell said...

There has been no reply from anonymous so I'll add to my previous comment.

Is it insane to show respect for authority? Is it wrong to balance civil liberty with law and order? Did anonymous complain at my sanity because he feels the Royal Yacht is a threat to our security or does he (or she) think that a photo of the gates of Downing Street may bring down the government? I don't know why they are hiding behind anonymity but I would guess that they have acted foolishly in the past and could not be taken seriously if they give their name, and maybe that's why they like to call others insane.

When I read such conviction I am reminded of the quote from Oscar Wilde "I am not young enough to know everything". I hope this person learns to see other sides to an argument.

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  1. These show respect to any authority seems to be wrong....perhaps the slightly "older" generation are wrong ...they are just following the example set by their elders....what a shame "elders" do not set the same standards nowadays!
    Muddled..I know..but what is becoming prevalent is lack of respect for people in "authority!" and because we are a liberal and democratic minded populace...the majority "mind-set" seems to rule....worse luck!