Saturday, 8 May 2010

The aftermath of the election

I was taking photographs at a wedding for most of yesterday but I did manage to get to the start of the count for the Morecambe and Lancaster constituencies. I suppose that I can say I was there but I have always managed to see the results of elections since 1983. I spoke to a Conservative who felt that the electoral system was wrong. I thanked him for his support for reform but told him that he would be in a minority of those who were wearing blue rosettes.

There is still a slim possibility that the system will change but I am not raising my hopes, particularly after the polls got this election so wrong. Liberal Democrats gained 23% of the vote when the polls told me that we would get 28%. The predicted percentage extrapolated to 100 Liberal Democrat MPs and it turns out our numbers went down. How did the pollsters get it so wrong? It is hard to be disappointed when you are a Liberal Democrat but opinion polls have managed to cause disappointment.

There is a lot of hot air that is spoken after general elections but I thought that the former Morecambe MP Geraldine Smith was magnanimous in defeat. I hope that she doesn't stand again as I would much prefer to beat another candidate - there you are, disappointment has already turned to optimism.

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