Saturday, 29 May 2010

We get the press we deserve

In the last week Fergie has found herself in a spot of bother for accepting £40 000 from an undercover reporter for an introduction to her former husband. According to Piers Morgan we are to feel sorry for her because she needs the money. I can't find myself feeling too sorry for her as I presume she managed to keep the money and nobody seems to think that opening doors for money is such a bad thing.

If seeing Prince Andrew is important then it should matter that the rich have access to something important and the poor don't. Normally I would say money opens doors but in this case we are supposed to believe that money doesn't matter. So there is a deception and Fergie should at least show some embarrassment. On the other hand if it is not important to see Prince Andrew then Fergie has done nothing wrong and Fergie has no need to be embarrassed.

There is another aspect to this sting that for me is even more important than the value we put on the royal family and that is the entrapment itself. I am a great believer that human fallibility is there for all to see in everyone. Would you steal £1. Maybe not. You probably wouldn't risk your good name for this amount of money. What if it was an amount of money that would mean that you never have to work again. You could live in luxury. If I added that there was absolutely no chance of anyone else finding out would you then consider this theft?

Alright some of you would still say you would absolutely not steal the money, but I guess most would consider it. In other words, if the News of the World come after you then the chances are they will catch you. Somebody must be buying the paper so we probably get the press we deserve.

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