Thursday, 13 May 2010

Time for a fairer system

The good thing about the first-past-the-post system is that it leads to strong government and it keeps out the views of minorities. That may be the views of some but the number that believes this must have decreased a lot in the last week. We have a FPTP system that has led to a coalition in a balanced parliament.

Another view is that the bad thing about coalitions is that they allow extreme views to prevail. In this case we find the Tories abandoning their tax breaks for the super rich and the Liberal Democrats putting to one side policies that the Tories don't like. In fact any agreement between the two parties will only take place if both agree. So extreme views don't prevail.

If there is nothing to fear from a coalition government and nothing to fear from extreme views then let's adopt a fairer voting system to allow both these things to happen. Not only are we getting a referendum on the alternative vote system (not brilliant but a step forward), we are also getting fixed-term parliaments. We can now look forward to the next election in May 2015 and not at any other time related to the whim of the Prime Minister.

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