Tuesday, 18 May 2010

I now have an answer for everything

It may just be unfortunate that Newsnight decided to show Ed Miliband talk to the Fabians on Saturday. As one of the two contenders for the Labour leadership, he must have a good chance of winning. It was unfortunate because he was only shown giving an answer to a question about gender equality.

"I think we should say right at the outset of this that we are planning for a general election in some time, so what I'm not going to do is give you a sort of a hundred and five policies now and I actually think that the process of this debate has to be one where we debate together and we come up with ideas together and I'll be putting my own ideas forward in the course of this campaign".

That's a great answer. I will learn this quote (just like I learned a Monty Python sketch many years ago - see my blog on 1st March). Now I know that I can be a first rate politician.

Change the world

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