Sunday, 2 May 2010

Most defensive action

Following on from a story about doctors, police officers and council officials, I heard a wonderful story from a friend. This week a health and safety course was taking place in a room that did not have a screen for a projector. The teacher who was not used to the room wanted to project against a wall that had a large framed print on it but he didn't want to take it off in case anything happened.

I think he was too used to having risk assessments written in triplicate and then getting the forms countersigned to show that the assessments had been authorised. The friend just took the frame off the wall and placed it out of the way.

I hope I don't get a reply about this blog entry saying that my friend's actions were disgraceful and no action should have taken place without a risk assessement.

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  1. At the school I work at, they have to do a risk assessment to walk from the school to the pictures! And a certain route has to be taken. No walking in a straight line to the prom and then along the prom.