Tuesday, 11 May 2010

How to slighly improve a discredited system

The common cry from Labour is that you win some and you lose some. Well it suits them to say so. If history is anything to go by then the pendulum will swing slightly their way again and they will have absolute power. Diane Abbott, a Labour MP who did win this time said that we have to do what is best for the British people. What she meant is that we have to accept this result from what should have been a discredited FPTP system.

Pat Case, a Tory concillor was saying on Radio Lancashire that "there is absolutely clear evidence that people want change". For me the evidence is that most people don't engage in politics and feel disenfanchised. Of those who do vote most stay with their usual party. She went on to say that "the Liberals (she meant to say the Liberal Democrats) are only talking about electoral reform which is a bit selfish and to their own advantage". She mustn't have looked at the manifesto as it is all about fairness and change. However I was most interested in what she had to say about the Tory policies for change. "Cameron is talking about serious political reform of parliament, of the electoral system". She goes on "of the constituency sizes so that we have a fairer reflection of what the public want".

To me this says nothing. Correcting the size of constituencies will slightly improve a discredited system. So what!

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