Sunday, 23 May 2010

What is it with cyclists and red lights?

I was driving through Lancaster late last night and if you know Lancaster you will know that there is a long downhill slope from the south into the city. A cyclist (without lights or helmet) was mostly keeping up with traffic. He must have been doing over 25mph. When we got to the lights in the centre of the city he sailed through even though they were on red.

I think lights and a helmet are a good idea. Lights may help to prevent accidents and the helmet may prevent injury. However going through red lights may not be such a bad idea when it is late at night. Flashing amber at night is not a bad idea. Why stop traffic, or cyclists when you don't need to.

I didn't mind the cyclist keeping up with traffic or going through the lights. I think it is good if cycling gets you from A to B quickly. I would not make helmets compulsory but I think they are a good idea and wear one. If the cyclist has an accident a helmet may or may not help but cyclists should give others a fair chance of seeing them and carry lights.

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  1. There are some cyclists who just do profoundly stupid things. Not only jumping red lights - riding down flights of steps to a station platform is a pretty nutty thing to do - in this example - - the cyclist overshot the platform and hit his head on the live rail.....

    The other matter which makes me very angry is cyclists riding at light without lights.

    To be fair I think more cyclists using rural roads are wearing high visibility clothing which shows a bit of sense

  2. I wish the loonies who have no idea of the highway code would wise up. When a road says one means one way, and they shouldn't cycle down the centre of it aas fast as possible. Also, the cyclists who insist on cycling on the pavement , even if it is very narrow irriate me. They aren't called Footpaths for fun, and many of the pupils who cycle to school don't seem to know which side of the road they should be on, and weave sll over. I'm not against cyclists, as such, but am against those with no idea how to behave when they are on a cycle.