Friday, 7 May 2010

First-past-the-post on its last legs

This is a strange evening for me our count starts tomorrow morning and the last time that I missed a count was in 1983 when my second child was born. Since then I have watched boxes being opened at every count. This means that I have not watched BBC or ITV as the results came in and here I am no listening to Andrew Marr follow David Cameron.

The exit poll is telling me that there will be 59 Liberal Democrat MPs. This is really disappointing as the polls have also told me that our 20% has risen to 32% and fallen back to 28% and the Liberal Democrats will have three less MPs! I did say that regardless of the outcome there would be change. If the percentage votes are close to the predictions then the system will remain obviously unfair. Let's hope that we can't trust the exit polls.

At least Peter Mandelson is telling us that first-past-the-post is on its last legs.

Change the world.

Following the first result, a Labour victory and the Liberal Democrat vote falling by 1%, the exit poll has been amended and Liberal Democrats are now set to win 61 seats. How did we improve by two MPs after this result? Our percentage vote fell and this was against a backdrop of 28% polls not 20% David Dimblebly is casting doubt on the exit poll. I have also glanced at the ITV exit poll (at 11.30pm) and they have the Liberal Democrats down for 59 seats. I think I will stay with the BBC.

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  1. So many people I know did vote Liberal Democrat. They didn't say, but it was obvious by their omissions. Perhaps there would be more Liberal Democrat MPs if they counted the number of people voting overall. I don't know what the turnout was, but do wonder if some of the abstainers would have voted LD...and had been put off by GBs "a vote for LD will get you a conservative government." Let's hope our new MP has the area's interests at heart.