Sunday, 30 May 2010

Eurovision Voting

I thought the winner of last year's Eurovision Song Contest was quite catchy and I was pleased that it won. However I didn't watch yesterday's programme all the way through. In recent years I have usually watched the results and heard the winning song. It was Terry Wogan's drunken comments that kept me listening and it may have been a case of in vino veritas when Terry would tell us how countries would vote. I think he got fed up with the politics of voting.

At the time of writing this blog I have not seen yesterday's results (and I am not sure I will watch this year) but I have no doubt that countries do vote politically. There may be an element of voting because of the quality of the music but there has to be questions asked about the validity of the contest. Compound this with the cost of becoming the host for the following year and not only is there a possiblity that the votes are unrelated to the quality of the music but it may well be that the votes aren't wanted.

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P.S. I have woken up to discover that we came last. It wasn't such a bad entry and the German winner is alright but nothing special. Perhaps there is a magical European musical ingredient that we choose not to add to our songs (apologies to Pete Waterman) or maybe there is political voting.


  1. "It wasn't such a bad entry?" Come on, it was awful, an embarrassment. I know we don't want to win, because of the expense of hosting, but surely something only half as bad would have sufficed. It thoroughly deserved last place, and only escaped getting nul points because the singer wasn't too bad, and because there are still a few countries that vote tactically and want to signal that they still like us if only a little bit. But the lyrics ... a huge pile of tired clichés strung together to make a song. At least in the preview there was in impressive-sounding opening chord, but on the actual day there wasn't even that.

  2. Thanks for your comment anonymous but I think you are being a bit cruel towards Pete Waterman who has written many hits. I think you will find cliches in all the songs and perhaps we need more boom bang-a-bang for our next entry, or maybe more ding-a-dong or maybe more la la la.