Friday, 21 May 2010

One world politics

It seems a good idea to support the right to life, the right to family, freedom from torture and the right to a fair trial, and this idea is found in the Human Rights Act. It is also a good idea to find people innocent until proven guilty. If the police suspect someone is a criminal then they carry out an investigation, the case may get to court and that person may be found guilty. I think what I have said is fairly obvious.

What happens if the suspect is not British? It also seems fairly obvious that you should apply the same thinking. They are innocent until proven guilty and whatever rights that person has to be in this country remain their rights. There may be a call to send a suspect back to their country of origin if there is a suspicion of guilt, but not enough evidence to try them in court.

There is a human rights concern in this week's story about Abid Naseer. We don't send anyone to be tortured. However my major concern is that Pakistan uses torture. We have a lot of influence within Europe. We have some influence around the world. This story gives me ammunition to argue for one world politics as opposed to taking the little Englander position.

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