Friday, 4 June 2010

The absurdity of murder

There are many professionals who will now be considering the causes of the Cumbrian murders. They will look for causes and methods to prevent further occurences. I gave a rather simplistic answer yesterday. If I thought that the spokesperson for the British Association for Shooting and Conservation was correct (if these were the only reasons not to ban guns) in justifying the continued private ownership of guns, then I would ban them immediately. I am generally against banning things but I would make the banning of guns an exception if I thought it was possible.

An alternative view to the cause of murder is put forward by Albert Camus in his book The Outsider. He believes that there is no logic and if you try to find the reasons for murder then you won't find it. The hero of his book, (if hero is the correct word) Meursault is a killer and Camus puts the murder down to the glare from the sun. He is tried and convicted but Meursault is not helped because he cannot express his emotions. Even if he could show remorse and explain his feelings I don't think Meursault's defence is particularly strong.

I don't agree with Camus. If you are one of the professionals searching for answers then please continue to do so. If we can learn any lessons then the world will be a safer place.

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  1. The situation is very sad...but..unfortunately the man who caried out the "rampage"? shot no-one will ever know the true reason for his actions.
    "Rampage" is in inverted commas...because...using a normal shot gun requires the shooter to reload every second shot.
    He might have lost it...but not so much that he forgot to reload!
    I am against the general public having access to guns, and believe that guns should be restricted to our military, and Police when necessary.
    My ex borhther-in -law shoots..but keeps his guns in his house?...surely this means non-registered gun enthustiasts have easier access?

  2. Thanks Sea. There was a comment on Question Time yesterday that guns should not be banned because people will still flip and kill just as many people with a machete or any number of other weapons. I would prefer to avoid a machete-wielding maniac rather than one with a gun.