Monday, 14 June 2010

No more excuses for bad driving

One of the reasons why adverts work is if people talk about the advert. I take photos at weddings and my best advert is word of mouth. There are quotes such as Brendan Behan's "there is no such thing as bad publicity" which make you think that it doesn't matter what you do as long as people talk about you. However I don't think Gerald Ratner would agree. If you have a reasonably good product or service then advertising will be successful and in these conditions the more people who talk about you the better.

Therefore it is with reservation that I mention a car company who advertise with the slogan "Mirror, Signal, Outmanoeuvre. If you buy a fancy car it should not be with the intention of outmanoeuvring anyone. Driving is not a competition.

Yesterday I noticed that the speed limit on the Greyhound Bridge in Lancaster had been lowered to 30mph. I am pleased because I have always felt that it was an anomaly and it was a stretch of road that drivers felt they could use like a motorway, except in this case pedestrians may be stood by the road. I also noticed many drivers dramatically exceeding the speed limits on Lancaster's side roads. Do they always drive like this or was it an atypical thirty minutes. At least they don't have an excuse that they thought it was 40mph because it is 40mph on the Greyhound Bridge.

Change the world.

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