Thursday, 10 June 2010

Toleration of "truth"

Very often a university degree does not give training for a specific job. If that were the case what would people with degrees in history or classics do for work? However a degree does give prospective employers an idea as to how the graduate can deal with problems that may occur in the workplace or how they would apply logic to issues that arise.

I recently read a comment that if everything somebody said was true then it cannot be an insult. It seems fairly obvious to me (philosophers look away now) that even if the truth is established then the truth may still hurt. It can still be an insult. In fact it is much easier to brush off an obvious lie for what it is. We may still be hurt by obvious lies but when there is an element of truth in what someone says then this can really hurt.

We all have body odour. Some may describe my smell in an adverse way and I may be hurt by their "truth". There are very few things that we know for sure in life. Scientists don't talk in exact figures, they talk about tolerance which is not a bad word for the way we should deal with the views of others when they appear to know exactly what is going on.

The moral of this blog is be careful about what you believe to be true, and even if you are sure of your position, be careful how you use your knowledge as you may upset people around you.

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