Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Where to make the cuts

I was listening to Jeremy Vine yesterday and one of the discussions was about where we could make cuts in public expenditure. I didn't hear anyone asking for their benefit to be cut but it is not unknown for wealthy people to say they don't want universal benefits like child benefit.

If you don't go to a library then protecting the library service may not be your priority. I don't use libraries very often however I used to be a regular and I appreciate what they do. Their service is closely related to education.

Universal benefits are easy to apply and you don't get poverty traps when everyone gets the benefit however if we are to make deep cuts in expenditure then the argument for means testing gets stronger. One thing is for sure, if George Osborne consults the public about where to swing the axe he will at least have the support of those who suggested the cuts in the first place.

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