Saturday, 12 June 2010

I'd vote for Diane Abbott

There was a question on Any Questions yesterday about who to vote for in the Labour leadership election. Well I don't get a vote and neither do most of the panellists but if I did have a vote it would be for the person who would be the worst leader because it is not my party. So it is with a great deal of caution that I hear of Eric Pickles endorsement of Diane Abbott. He has probably not helped her campaign a lot but with all the other candidates looking so similar maybe she has a chance.

How do you decide between all these similar candidates - pick the good looking one. (that was a joke)but it should be left to those who support the party. I have a similar reservation about open primaries for general election candidates. The Tories paid a lot of money last year to select a GP in Totnes. It was an expensive method of selection that would not work in most constituencies. It may well be that the Tories got the best candidate but there must have been some distortion in the figures by the votes of non-Tories. Distortion would have been much more apparent in constituencies where there are less support for the party going through the selection process.

As for the Labour leadership - I would vote for Diane Abbott :-)

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