Sunday, 6 June 2010

Israel does not want peace

Isn't it amazing that ships are still sailing to Gaza with aid? They are willing to try to break Israel's blockade even though soldiers killed crew members earlier this week. Israeli soldiers boarded the Irish ship the Rachel Corrie yesterday and what struck me was the Israeli spokesperson who said that the lack of violence was proof that the recent deaths were not their fault. What it meant to me was that there are still volunteers willing to risk death.

It also tells me that if the aid ship is willing to sail past the Israeli navy then they are also willing to have their ship boarded in international waters. It means that they have no concerns about the validity of their cargo. They know that no weapons will be found and only legitimate aid is being carried. Israel says that the blockade is to prevent weapons getting through. How dare they stop humanitarian aid!

Israelis think that if they can take over the Rachel Corrie peacefully then they are blameless for the nine deaths on board the Turkish aid ship. It means to me that Israel has no desire for peace with Palestine.

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  1. I assume the author is either able to personally guarantee that if the blockade is lifted it will never at any time be used to supply rockets for use against Israeli civilians. Either thatb or he is willing to personally guarantee that he believes the genocide of Jews is ok.

    Whatever one says about the Israelis one cannot dispute that when it comes to respect for human rights & international law they are thousands of times ahead of the Nazi scum who attacked Yugoslavia. It is a matter of record that the number of people killed in the entire Gaza war, overwhelmingly combatants, is less than the number of civilians, in nominal peacetime, dissected while alive, by NATO "police" (formerly the KLA) under NATO authority to steal their body organs.

    It seems clear that anybody who complains more about the Israelis, let alone who supports racist & pro-Nazi parties, such as the LibDems responsible for such atrocities, unmatched even by Mr Hitler, cannot, under any circumstances claim to be motivated by concern for human rights.

    Perhaps if the author here disagrees he will be able to explain.

  2. Thanks Neil. Are you giving me the title "author". Thanks for that as it sounds very grand but you can call me Michael. I'm afraid that I can't guarantee anything but thanks for the comliment in thinking that I may.

    The essence of my blog is that Israel could allow the aid to pass through their blockade because they can investigate the contents. This would be a step forward to peace. Actions of the last week have been a step backwards.

  3. I have just seen the news and William Hague is saying something similar to my blog - well at least the bit about getting aid in to Gaza without allowing weapons.

  4. The Israelis did ask the blockade runners to come into an Israeli port where they could indeed be checked for weaponry. They refused.

    You don't even try to answer the main point which is that under no circumstances can Israeli actions here be considered 1,000th as bad as the genocidal wear crimes of our own government, with the entusiastic support of the LDs. Consequently any criticism of the Israelis not proportionately matched by criticisms of real criminals cannot be based on concern for human rights but onkly on racism. Have you criticised the leaders of your own party as tracist, murdering, child raping, organlegging, Nazi war criminals or are you simply anti-Semitic?

  5. Thanks for the info Neil. No I didn't mention your comment on Yugoslavia. I seem to remember that we have been down this road before and my blog isn't about this subject.

  6. And the fact that you will not write to condemn genocide matching that of Hitler, when it is most certainly your business, being a supporter of a party guilty of it, while condemning Jews for actions of which you clearly know little & have no connection proves that your objection & that of any LibDem must be purely racial rather than humanitarian.

  7. Hi Neil,

    I mean this in a kind way, but please stop asking me to write about your agenda. I tried it once and, how can I put this, your comments suggest that you should not work for any negotiation teams. I would have sent this privately but I didn't think that you would receive it. If something makes the news and it concerns acts of terrorism by the Palestinians, or the history of Yugoslavia or any other subject, I may choose to write about it or I may not. In the meantime if you wish to comment on my blog without insults then please do so. If you wish to continue in the same manner then our public correspondence is completed.