Sunday, 27 June 2010

Get away with what you can

When the Brazilian footballer Kaka was controversially sent off near the end of their match against the Ivory Coast it didn't make a difference to the final score. It gave him a one-match ban and it is usually not good to loose one of your best players in the world cup finals but in this case Brazil were already through to the second round. It may even be useful to rest one of your better players at this stage in the competition. So my reason for writing this blog is nothing to do with Kaka's punishment, it is more to do with the punishment for the Ivory Coast player who went down in agony holding his face when he had been touched in the chest.

How are we to bring up children to do the right thing if the right thing is to win Oscars when playing football? This sort of behaviour tells us that it is right to get away with what we can, to ride roughshod over anyone whether they play football or happen to be our competitor in any aspect of life. I haven't read about any punishment but let's hope there has been one. At least I am hearing commentators saying it is wrong. Usually football pundits tell us players should fall over if they are touched in the penalty box. Surely players should fall over if they can't stand up.

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  1. I'm lokking forward to the day when the give out an award for the best actor on the fpptball field. I don't think it will ever happen, but there's definitely some acting talent out there.