Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Football heals wounds

I don't know if you are caught up in world cup fever but I have been watching matches whenever I can. Fortunately this meant that I only saw the first half of England against the USA. I enjoy watching the matches but I can't find the enthusiasm to jump up and down or do any chanting. However it is a fine thing if you can be enthusiastic about any sport or hobby. If you are delighted when a piece of leather hits a net then your life is the richer for it. I know there is a negative aspect to being a football fan and this is commonly the case when fans make the front rather than the back pages of the newspapers.

The best news for me is the way that players, and to some extent fans can enjoy the game together and shake hands after the match. This reminds me of the famous football match in World War I in which the French, Belgian and British troops played against the Germans. It is hard to fight and kill an enemy if you play football against them. As the WWI soldiers found out, it is hard to shoot an enemy who was in an opposition football team. Wouldn't it be nice to see a match between Palestine and Israel, or any two countries who aren't getting on too well?

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