Friday, 25 June 2010

Retirement Age

I don't particularly object to working till I am 70. I believe that a role in life does us good and just because we get paid for something doesn't make it bad. Unfortunately there are many people who do not go out to work and enjoy it but they go to pay the bills. However I see most people dying with a house to pass on to their relatives. To me this makes us a fairly wealthy nation and if we have this wealth then most people could choose to retire early.

I am sure that in the 1970s the Daily Mail told me that I would retire at 50 (I'm nearly there) because of North Sea oil and instead of going down it looks like retirement age is going up. It would be nice if everyone had the opportunity to receive a pension at an earlier age so they could choose to give up work, but it would be even nicer if people didn't want to give up work.

Even if I could afford to retire I would choose to be active in employment. So wining the lottery would not do much for me. It's a good job I don't buy lottery tickets.

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