Sunday, 13 June 2010

How to get on the news

You are in charge. You have employees and young children in your care and you hear that a former pupil is making serious threats to harm those who are in your care and there are more than 1000 pupils in your school. What do you do? A. Send everyone home immediately. B. Carry on as normal. C. Inform the police and take their advice. I think I would go for C.

This happened on Friday when a teenager threatened to kill others in a Newton-le-Willows school, and on the local news on Saturday I heard that one person had complained at the way the school had acted. The thing that made me write this blog was nothing to do with the facts of the case as I don't know them. It was the way that one person had made the news for having an opinion. It was something to do with the school informing pupils earlier. However I would guess that the school has no case to answer as they would have taken advice.

In this instance nobody was hurt and perhaps all the right procedures were followed. Maybe there is a time for criticism but I think we should know what happened first.

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  1. I don't know if there is a recognised procedure for this particular incident, but there seem to be so many procedures that I think it is quite likely that there is one, and the school was following it. On the other hand, if there isn't one, there probably will be one following this incident.

  2. You can imagine the scene. Please could you direct me to the room which is full of the files on procedures to deal with any variation of any possible threat.

    If this is not already in place then I think a few more people could be employed in every school to make this scene possible.

  3. They would be more of the increasing levels of admin in a school!