Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Tne Latest Technology

I was walking past my local hospital last week and I saw someone carrying three computer monitors. I don't know how often he drops things but I thought he was taking a risk with expensive equipment. A much greater expense is the need for this technology in the first place. I remember one IT goal was to allow anyone to walk into an A & E anywhere in the country and their records could be instantly accessed. If you are that person then please post a comment. Unfortunately I am still hearing about hospital appointments going to people who have died.

When the computer age hit Fleet Street we heard that The Grauniad would no longer have problems with spellings. Well computers do not stop human errors, they just make them more sophisticated.

I do like the latest technologies. I could not have written this blog a few years ago. I think we will see improvements in service eventually but I just can't help thinking that small GP surgeries and small hospitals ran really well with pen and paper, and receptionists knew their patients by name and didn't have to ask for a fifteen digit identity number.

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