Sunday, 8 August 2010

Are things too easy?

Following on from yesterday's blog about theatre prices I was thinking about entrance charges for art galleries and museums. I thought that it was now free to go to them but whenever I go it seems that I have to pay. Art galleries and museums are closely related to libraries in that one of their purposes is to educate. I suppose they entertain as well but if we are to do anything to alleviate the differences between rich and poor then we have to give access to a good education, to museums and to the arts. There are other matters such as the need for better facilities including toilets in libraries. How can you study for a few hours without going to the toilet? However to do any study you need motivation. You won't go to an exhibition if you aren't motivated.

I was talking to a chemistry teacher yesterday who was orignially from Nigeria. Last year I spoke with a well-educated teaching assistant from Senegal. They both said the same thing. Motivation is much better in Africa. How do we bottle their motivation? Maybe we make things too easy and failure is rewarded. Any advice?

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