Saturday, 7 August 2010

A taxing matter

I like going to the theatre and I often get my tickets on the internet. I bought some tickets this week for a comedy and this time I was asked if I wanted to give to their charity. The wording was quite good and I was persuaded to give them something. I didn't go for the gift aid which would have given them more money from the government but it did make me think that the theatre could take money rather than give it to the government.

I am sure that the tax man is already involved, but what could the theatre legitimately receive from him? Let's say the tickets were £24 and the donation was £1. Could those amounts be reversed ? If you have a theatre management that is so persuasive could they pay no tax and get a lot of money back in gift aid? I wonder if there have been experiments in which theatres just asked for donations and gift aid.

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