Monday, 16 August 2010

Could you live in Kendal?

Over the years I have written many times to the local newspapers. A couple of years ago I wrote in reply to a Green Party member who had written to oppose a link road from Morecambe to the M6. He had suggested that Kendal's traffic system was terrible and they had a link road. I believe the Morecambe link is vital to the local economy and it would help anyone who wanted to travel through Lancaster from the Heysham peninsula. I wrote this and I also thanked him for reminding me that I am passing a traffic jam every time I use the Kendal bypass. He didn't reply.

I am telling you this because I went to Kendal this week (I also went to Windermere on Saturday and used that bypass) and I was speaking with someone who was stopping there for a week. He told me that he liked Kendal and had seen quite a lot in the three or four days that he had been there. He liked Kendal a lot but couldn't live there because of the traffic. The same is happening to the Heysham peninsula. Nobody will want to live here with our traffic system.

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