Friday, 27 August 2010

Why write anonymously?

Generally I welcome comments on my blogs but occasionally I receive advice that is usually anonymous and not quite on my wavelength. I received two anonymous comments recently from the blog written on the 18th August and I am expecting a further reply. As I didn't publish the last comment due to obscenity I will tell you about it in this blog. It was from a UKIP supporter who strongly believes that Liberal Democrats did not support a simple "in or out" referendum on Europe. This is wrong but it certainly reinforces my idea of the level of political knowlege of UKIP supporters. I have written previously about UKIP's inept leadership, poor local campaigning and limited political knowledge. So this time I will suggest that this particular supporter may have a good chance of becoming their new leader. They don't know what Liberal Democrats have said about a referendum even though they are convinced 'in or out' has not been mentioned. They demand evidence, so here it is.

"The Liberal Democrats believe we should have a real vote on Europe - whether we should be in Europe or out. ... the public back our position by a margin of 2:1: twice as many people think a referdum should be on whether we stay in Europe or not rather than only on the Lisbon Treaty. ...."

"Clegg pushes 'in or out' EU vote - The time has come for a referendum on whether Britain should stay in the EU, Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg has said. ....."

I remember so many leading Liberal Democrats talking about the in or out referendum but my memory is not good enough for Anonymous. There are many references that are so easy to find but Anonymous prefers profanity. At least I understand why Anonymous is anonymous.

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