Thursday, 12 August 2010

Maybe we need more managers

I had a chat yesterday with someone who happened to have his arm in a sling. He fractured his clavicle a few weeks ago and is well on the mend. He told me that he went back to the consultant and had to go for another x-ray. When he got there he was told that he would have to have an x-ray of his knee. Many years ago he told me that he had been to his GP about his knee but nothing had happened since.

It made me wonder how many people go for a medical appointment and something goes wrong. I was told that patients don't lose their records but they are often lost by hospitals. How can you go for an x-ray with your arm in a sling and then be asked to have an x-ray of your knee? What if this person couldn't speak for themselves?

We often hear about the number of NHS managers increasing out of proportion to frontline staff. Maybe we need a few more managers (this is irony).

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  1. My sister was on the list to have a hysterecomy...yet the hospital lost her!
    I have never had any problems as such...but it was the podiatrist who told me that if I don't wear the insoles EVERY day...I will end up back where I started..she also said over time that would happen...but wearing insoles would delay.
    Why couldn't the orthopaedic surgeon tell me that?

  2. That reminds me of when I moved to Morecambe. I was on a waiting list to join a dentist (not the excellent dentist that I am with now) and the waiting list vanished. I went every six months to check how high my family were on the list and on the second check after a year I was told the list had been abolished. A dentist had not joined the practice so they couldn't get through the list. Well thanks for telling me!