Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Discrimination in hospital wards

It looks like we are going to see an end to mixed sex wards and many of you will be thinking about time too. What does this mean? Well the sight of someone of the opposite gender may be possible at the moment and this must be a bad thing. It may be a cause for the most evil of heterosexual thoughts to pass through our minds and occasionally result in evil actions that make headlines in the tabloid press.

When I first encountered same sex toilets in Europe I was surprised and a little shocked. it didn't take too long to get used to them as it is all about how we view acceptable behaviour. If you think about it this is exactly what we have in our own homes.

How do you deal with the most evil homosexual thoughts? Is there a difference? Is the whole essence of the proposed legislation sexist? I think the attitude to same sex wards should reflect the opinions of society and we shouldn't cause offence if we don't have to, but isn't there something essentially anti-heterosexual about this proposal?

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