Sunday, 29 August 2010

Chester or Africa?

According to the RSPCA elephants shouldn't be in zoos as they have higher levels of obesity and shorter lifespans. A couple of weeks ago I wrote about the controversy surrounding performing animals and concluded that animals may be treated well or treated badly in any venue and condemning animal performances mean that you have to come up with a code for all animals. So should Chester Zoo keep its elephants?

The zoo rejects the RSPCA's claim and conditions at the zoo are there for all to see. You can't judge lifespans by a visit but statistical evidence may say that Chester's elephants do not live as long as other elephants. I have visited this zoo in the last couple of years and it looked like the level of care and their conditions were excellent. I didn't count the number of elephants but even if there were twenty elephants I wonder if there is any validity to the results.

Compare this item of news with the recent reports on how wild animals are killed for their tusks. I don't think Chester Zoo's staff is cruel. I think the elephants are well looked after and if I were an elephant I would rather be in Chester than Africa.

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  1. No animals should be imprisoned by humans. Akin to slavery. Neither should they be slaughtered in in the wild. Live and let live.